Oh Reddit gifts, you really do have magic elves don’t you!


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From: your secret santa 2014 match to you, 8 hours 8 minutes ago

Subject: hiya

Message: You just got matched with a guy who has been to paris twice, skydived in hawaii, has a  lot of respect for those in your field and related ones (I have a good friend who’s a speechy and another in a dementia ward) and thinks you have a pretty good taste in movies.

Anyway, if there’s anything specific and easy you’d want, just let me know. For instance, Dvd’s, alcohol, a gaming based t-shirt you had your eyes on for a bit, etc.Otherwise ill do it the normal SS way as per usual.

Also, if you haven’t watched all of christopher nolan’s movies, get on it.

Its pretty logical to ask for the easy but solid present (I always just write “Buy me tequila”), but also the blood dragon posters are sold out haha


So it’s that time of year again for Reddit Secret Santa and I woke up this morning to the greatest message ever! I really love Reddit Gifts, mostly because Christmas isn’t very big at our place and we can’t really afford a lot so one extra gift each a year from a random stranger is really nice! It also gives us a chance to give something random to a stranger and promote mental health.

If you are my Secret Santa, honestly, thank you in advance. I sent you an message back that was WAY too long and I just wanted you to know that I appreciate what you are doing. If you’re here because you got my gift as a Santa, well – Merry Christmas, I hope that you ask your family R U OK this Christmas and get the conversation started on Mental Health in your neck of the woods! I’m sorry I’m not Snoop Dogg, Bill Gates, Alyssa Milano, Josh Wise, Ron Perlman or any other awesome Celeb that’s participating this year, but I hope you like my gift all the same 🙂