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So you would have noticed that I’ve been away for around a month! I know, I know – I should have at least written to let you know I am ok… well I am!

A couple of major things have happened… firstly I attended the SAE Institute Open Day with my boyfriend and OH MY GOD was I excited to go back to school. It seemed like such a good idea at the time that I handed in my application! I was accepted into the Film Production course a few weeks later!

Secondly – as a direct result of applying for school – I realised that I was enrolling myself into 24 MONTHS of being a poor student… Well – No, We’re now poor students! Kall has enrolled in September and began audio production classes in October – another reason that I was so excited to go to SAE to learn film! We’ll be an unstoppable team – or so I believe!

So – Big changes are coming. I am becoming much more interested in blogging as it gives me a chance to explore my opinions on films that I’ve seen and it also gives me an outlet for my crappy awesome low budget student films…

“What’s the good news??” I hear you screaming at your screen! The good news is that I’ve set up some posts over the next few days. I’m currently in my first week of the course and have classes on Mondays, Wednesdays & Thursdays so I’ll be trying to blog on the other days!

Also I have a plan for this little blog. The world is full of totally interesting people, who I’d love for you to meet! More coming soon *evil grin*

Sporky's First Day

Did you really think I would forget a picture? Take special note of the mountain of LICD comic books in the background… so obsessed…. They have the 5 LICD Beginning books on sale for $50… damn you education!!!!