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apr-bread-and-butter-pudding-mixed-berry-wholeSo I tried my hand at bread and butter pudding… or at least what I should call bread and vegetable oil spread…. Damn you lactose! I really hope that Liddell’s make lactose free butter soon….

Anyway, I used frozen berries and sultanas which gave it a really nice fruity flavour! I ended up serving it with Liddell’s Lactose Free Cream. It was ok, unfortunately it’s UHT cream so it’s not exactly thick, and it doesn’t whip. I wonder why they can’t make a fresh thickened cream in lactose free….

Kall really liked the bread and fake-butter pudding, so I think I’ll end up making it again but hopefully by then they will have made a thicker cream… or icecream… 😀

Do you like Bread and Butter pudding?