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Pineapple Express Theatrical Poster

Wow, what a stoner film. Not the meteorological phenomenon, Pineapple Express is a film starring Seth Rogen. It’s obvious this guy is a stoner. Just look at his previous films! That’s not necessarily a bad thing though. Kevin Smith is a stoner and I honestly think he makes the world a better place because of it.

Seth Rogen is that kind of chubby guy from Knocked Up, that romantic comedy about having a child accidentally, shows his true nature as Paul, an alien and once played Zack in Zack & Miri make a porno. Anyway Rogen teams up with James Franco to bring a fairly standard ‘Rogan’ stoner film.

Pineapple Express is directed by David Gordon Green, who I’ve not heard of before. I haven’t seen any of his other films, but for this one he did alright! The actors come together well and it’s clear that they had a really good editing team (as some of the edits are perfect!) BUT it’s still just another stoner film.

Pineapple Express Franco Quote

Anywho, Pineapple Express is a type of weed that is sold by a drug dealer, played by Franco. Essentially the story is, Seth Rogen – the stoner, witnesses a killing, while he is stoned and what ensues is a mish-mash of events leading to the realisation that being stoned all the time isn’t great for living life. This is the same message that every stoner film has, which honestly sucks. I want more films where the stoner saves the day because they are a calm motherfucker, not because they realised that one of the least harmful plants on the planet is bad for you.

Pineapple Express TeaserWhile I enjoyed the film, I didn’t really love it. Though that’s not really a surprise, given that if I have to see one more Seth Rogen film right now, I might scream. I dunno, I think he’s just lost it. The stoner films were funny the first five times he did it…. Now, not so much. It’s lost it’s charm.

Honestly, how many more films is the industry going to make trying to condemn weed when there are so many more things in the world to worry about. Where’s the humorous film about the child who goes hungry because their family cannot afford food, or the side-splitting film making light of heroin usage… There’s not, because it wouldn’t be a popular film.

Have you seen Pineapple Express?