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Yep it’s that time of year! The Star Trek Voyager DVD’s have been broken out and season after glorious season rewatched in all it’s borg-y goodness… well up to season five! LOL

I’ve convinced Kall to watch it with me, but it took alot and I’m pretty sure that he agreed to it out of pure boredom…. or to shut me up. Anyway….

It’s actually interesting that Voyager was the first Star Trek that I encountered… and funnily enough is like the only star trek that I like to watch. Original Star Trek is too old for me, although makes for bad sci-fi puns at times… The Next Generation is what my mum loved ever so much, but I just couldn’t get into it. Same with Deep Space Nine… I just couldn’t fall in love with it like I did with Voyager. It had all the aliens… but… but… No. Don’t get me started on Enterprise.

So what did I learn this time that I watched Star Trek Voyager… Well funnily enough I learnt that Kall is a freaking weirdo when it comes to piecing stories together… Within.. I dunno maybe 5 minutes, he decided to ‘predict’ the back story of voyager and got it pretty bloody right. He pointed at a Ferengi and described just how much of a weasel they ‘look’ like.. then declared “Enter some guy to save him” and in walks Paris… like fuck off. Genius. Seriously.

Anywho, it’s been fun watching it and I’m looking forward to seeing the final season with Kall… and then… the special features – MWAHAHAHAHA – I can’t wait 😛