Anxious Accessories – Grey half stitch Knit children’s beanie – support positive mental health

This grey half stitch children’s beanie was made on small round knitting loom and will fit most children. It measures 18cms from brim to crown but it can be ‘rolled’ to make it smaller (for babies through to small child). It weighs approximately 70 grams and is made from a multistripe grey 100% Acrylic Yarn Yarn. Don’t forget to check out the matching grey double knit scarf listed in our store!

Have you ever felt anxious? A little uneasy? Has it stopped you leaving your house?

This one-of-a-kind Grey half stitch knit children’s beanie was made by the anxious hands of Kall of Anxious Accessories.

Why Support Anxious Accessories?
Anxious Accessories was started in 2013 to help support a couple affected by mental health illness. You can follow our journey at www.anxiousaccessories.wordpress.com