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Anxious Accessories – Hardcore Skull Anxiety Bracelet – Support Positive Mental Health

This anxiety bracelet is handmade using hardcore metal skull beads with red diamonte eyes and metal beads! It’s all held together with nylon thread. All bracelets are fully adjustable by tightening or loosening the nylon thread. Size: One size fits most.

Have you ever felt anxious? A little uneasy? Has it stopped you leaving your house? Do you play with your hands because you are nervous?

Not any more! Support Positive Mental Health with an Anxious Accessories Anxiety Bracelet. This bracelet has been anxiously put together and is designed to remind you that you are not alone in your mental health journey.

Why Support Anxious Accessories?
Anxious Accessories was started in 2013 to help support a couple affected by mental health illness. You can follow our journey at www.anxiousaccessories.wordpress.com