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Perhaps not everyday, but I’m noticing more and more days where we take a step forward and a step back all in the same day. Kall makes a positive step for his mental health and a few hours later feels as though he has taken a step back, even though it’s just not the case.

Each step he takes towards recovery, regardless of how small or insignificant it feels at the time, must be seen as a victory. Yesterday was a brilliant example!

We had a DVD that needed to be returned which meant a trip to the local shopping plaza (That’s a mall for Americans) and while trips to the plaza are short lived, DFA-route experiences, yesterday was different.

Kall was feeling pretty good, which is a marked improvement over a few weeks ago! Usually I would take the DVD back myself, but Kall decided that he could try to do it. A HUGE step for him!!

It’s called exposure therapy and it’s a concept that we’ve had to try to include in our every day lives.

On this particular day we ended up returning the DVD, visiting two different variety stores and taking a short walk around the plaza.

Walking back to the car, I asked Kall how he felt, in particular, his anxiety levels and whether he felt he had achieved anything…. he was really positive 🙂 It’s important for him to see that he is progressing….

His response? His anxiety ranged from a 6 to an 8… Not bad, all things considered. Plus he felt that he had achieved a small amount of ‘normal’ life…

Fast Forward to the afternoon when we needed to go to the supermarket…

Same Plaza, but something had changed. We walked into the supermarket and within a couple of minutes Kall was showing signs of anxiety. He was uncomfortable and was having difficulty making simple decisions – chicken or vegetarian for dinner, for example.

Key words were said – Sammie, I’m having trouble.

As we were in the fruit and veg department, vegetarian was the go for dinner – A lettuce, cucumber, capsicum and mushrooms – this was as far as we got!

So was it a step back?

No. Most Certainly Not. It’s really important that he got out into the world, even though it was for a short time. His anxiety peaked at a 10 in the supermarket – which is when he decided it was time to get out of there.

So I have a question for you…

Have you ever felt like this? Like one day you can handle the world, and the next moment you can’t figure out your left foot from your right foot…

You are not alone – Mental Health affects millions of people every day – in many many ways. It’s not just a matter of pulling up your socks and moving on….