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So I finally got around to taking some photos to show just how much weight I’ve lost in the last 2 years.


The pants I’m holding are a City Chic size 22 – I purchased these not long after I met Kall and I actually believe I didn’t fit into them when I left for Byron Bay…. They were too small!


Now though, I can fit into one pant leg – See – all 10 toes on one side 😀


The question I constantly get asked is how I did it – I really wish I could tell you…. It kind of just happened…

I was living in  Byron Bay, Kall was encouraging me to eat healthy and cook healthy, I had the money for a steamer…. It all comes down to the choices we make with our bodies.

If you eat junk food, your not going to lose weight… Subway is not healthy food… Byron Bay had a subway and a dominos. No McDonald’s – No Hungry Jack’s. It had a Santos Wholefoods warehouse and an independent grocer called The Green Garage.

I can’t tell you how many times Kall and I would eat steamed chicken, on rice with veggies… It wasn’t hard to get vegetables…


Now I have to look up broccoli in the supermarket self checkout because it’s not a popular item. Zucchini is constantly on sale and God Forbid you should want asparagus for dinner because it’s now 3 times more expensive than we are used to. The green beans are always going gross so you can only buy them in pre-sealed bags – otherwise the self serve checkout’s don’t understand what ‘loose green beans’ are…

It’s 10 times harder now, we don’t have a fridge and our supermarket doesn’t know what ‘vegetables’ are… How does anyone expect to live healthily when you can’t gain access to the most basic of fruits and vegetables?!?