Kall and I have been together for… geez it’s been 4 years already. We talk about marriage often but it’s not something that we can afford. He’s 30 and I’m 27, but we don’t feel the need for a huge wedding. I sure as hell don’t want a huge wedding (even though I dreamed of one as a kid) and I honestly think if we do get married, it will be on the steps of parliament or at the births, deaths and marriages offices. To us, it’s just a piece of paper.
Here in Australia, we recognise all relationships, whether same sex or not, after six months of living together, so technically (according to our government) Kall and I are already in a recognised legal relationship. We have to declare each other on our tax returns, we visit centrelink together and our pensions are reduced because we are together and getting hitched won’t change a thing!
Our families think… well actually I don’t know what our families think but I’m pretty sure after everything they have put us through they get the idea that we’re not leaving each other and that this is a lifetime kind of thing..
Personally, I think it’s just nice for him to hug me at night and tell me he loves me. I tell him it’s forever and then we go to sleep. It’s a thing we do, it makes me feel like I have butterflies everytime. Every single time.