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Jakarta’s Suicide Hotline Ringing Off The Hook: Ministry.

I just wanted to share this article from 2011. It shows that even people in Indonesia need help. It’s not just an individual thing. The phone number listed was 500-454 which I hope is still correct! If you, or anyone you know, should ever mention the thought of suicide, please take it seriously. In Australia, the local helpline is Lifeline on 13 11 14. If you aren’t in Australia try asking google for a suicide helpline in America, Canada, the UK, Germany, France, (but if you don’t speak French but find that you need help in France in english, they’ve got that covered too). Indonesia, New Zealand, the Republic of Korea, Sweden, India, Norway, Russia, Belguim, Italy, Ireland, Israel, Netherlands, Romania, Singapore, Phillipines, Cyprus, Finland, Brazil, Pakistan, Slovakia, Saudi Arabia, Bangladesh, Poland, Ukraine, Morocco or Malta.If you are thinking about suicide, visit this website.