Kall figets too, and that’s ok. It’s all part of the mental health illness that you have. Stop beating yourself up for acting the way you do, it’s just not your fault!

Anything Anxiety

So while my anxiety improves, my bad habits apparently do not as I just noticed myself picking my lip yet again. I personally pick my lip, my nails, the skin around my nails, I scratch my arms, I pluck my eyebrows, I pick my fringe/bangs, I pick my eyelashes, I click my knuckles, I wring my hands, I fidget A LOT. I can’t even think I’ve forgotten any there’s so many. Oh and I compulsively apply nail polish just to pick it off again which isn’t really a bad habit as much as a messy one. These habits all stem from anxiety. The ones related to eyelashes, hair and eyebrows are part of trichotillomania which is the compulsive need to pull your own hair out, it’s a stupid condition and possibly my most embarrassing one. Of course other people might argue clicking my knuckles is my most annoying one!

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