Hi Mel! It’s great to meet another person who is getting the conversation started on mental health! It’s not often that an illness that affects most of the world goes unrecognised for so long but hopefully – together – we can change the way the world views mental health, hopefully for the better 🙂


Hi, I’m Mel. I’m 31 years old and I suffer from depression.

Talking about depression is a tricky thing for plenty of reasons. Although this is the 21st century, it still seems to be a mythos, an illness not many take seriously, which is a sad thing to acknowledge and it makes me wonder why this is the case. Ever since I realized something is wrong with me, I talked to plenty of people and hearing their opinion about it made me realize why so many only brush it off as something that can be fixed with the right food and sport. It might help for some, but most of the time it takes more than this. Plus the fact it’s a somewhat romanticized and being used to describe your mood and situation so lightly is another and big issue. Playing it down or overusing it only cause people to…

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