I’m so proud of you! I admit that I had to google what “Dox Someone” meant… but I’m still very proud you never did it!
It’s amazing that people always seem to focus on the negatives, instead of the things people with mental health don’t tend to do 🙂 Keep on, keeping on 😀 Together we can get the conversation started on Mental health!


Recently, my girlfriend posted an article on Facebook about the internal struggles in the #gamergate movement (controversy?  Calamity?  Whatever they’re calling it).  For those who are not in the know, the shit hit the fan when game designer Zoe Quinn broke up with her boyfriend, Eron Gjoni.  Gjoni retaliated by posting a largely incoherent rant about their aborted relationship and Quinn’s sex life.  The Internet (c) found out, people did stupid shit like threatening to rape and kill her, then threatening to rape and kill other women involved in video games, then rebranded themselves as a movement for “ethics in game journalism.”

I find the article largely uninteresting because I already know what I need to know about the key players: they’re assholes.  Gjoni’s mental health came up, however, and one well meaning friend* posted the following:

. . . Also, Gjoni was clearly not stable to start with. It…

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