This is so true – Recovery is putting one foot in front of the other. Often is followed by taking a few steps back but that’s ok 🙂


And sometimes its one step backwards. I had my knee operation a couple of weeks ago, the surgeon ended up fixing more than he thought he could, instead of just cleaning out my knee, he could also stitch up the tears that I had, which means instead of just having a sore knee, I have to be on crutches, I thought maybe just for a couple of weeks but it will end up being 6 or 7 weeks in total. Which means no exercise 😦

Eating wise, OCD wise, Bipolar wise, I did well during and after the operation, I didnt have much anxiety due to all the changes in my life so I was happy that I was going so well in my recovery. The other night I fell over in the shower (silly me) and I hurt my shoulder, ribs etc, I was in pain, not only with…

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