I think many people forget that there is a person underneath the Mental Illness. Sometimes, all people see is the illness and that’s really sad. We’ve been treated pretty badly by a lot of people who just don’t understand mental health and it makes it so much harder to have faith that people will be understanding when you need them to 😦


“But hey, guess what, crazy means I’m not liable for my actions. So screw it, I’ll go home, propped up on Prozac against distractions.” – Ellen Hopkins, Impulse

Having a mental illness can result in one’s way of thinking and behaviour to be atypical. It’s a struggle to control the impulses, and coping with a mental illness is very difficult for the individual with it, as well as the people around them. It can put a strain on friendships and family life, or any interpersonal relationship in general. It’s not easy living life like that, but it’s not impossible. With proper therapy, use of medication, and a good support system, many people are able to triumph over this struggle and lead relatively normal lives. There may be relapses, but if a person is truly willing to work on themselves, they can get through it all.

The brain of a person…

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